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Family, Values, and History

Starting a business can be an exciting but challenging experience, especially when working with family.  What we always remember, what roots us, are our ethics, which serves as the foundation for our family and, therefore, the Hopcott brand.

Our Values

  • Equality: loving people and treating everyone fairly. Family is not just blood – we view the entire Hopcott team as family.
  • Transparency: offering the best products available.
  • Honesty and Trust: staying grounded, and following through on what we commit to.
  • Integrity: staying true to our values and upbringing.
  • Appreciation: for the food provided and the labour behind it.

We originate back to 1932 when Fred and Jane Hopcott first purchased our family farm, and are now a third-generation family-run operation with a meat shop and farm-to-plate bistro.

Our dad (Bob), mom (Debbie), and us three kids (Jennifer, Travis, and Brad), are all involved with the farm, and are strong advocates of eating local, supporting fellow farmers, and strengthening community relations.

Hopcott Meats exists as we wanted to share the high-quality foods that we love. Having a space where we could diversify and sell Hopcott-raised meat and other local meats, produce, and dairy was a natural move. It was important that we be transparent and show customers where their food was coming from. In 2006, Hopcott Premium Meats opened a 9,000 square foot shop, reminiscent of an early 1900s feel with high ceilings, wooden beams, and heritage pieces from the original farm. In 2015, we expanded to include a full commercial kitchen and bistro with an outdoor patio place.

As we grew up, it had always been a dream of our dad’s that we take over. The farm provided a sense of protection and gave us a deep appreciation of the importance of farming. We watched the generations before us love what they do and now feel a responsibility to carry it forward for the generations to follow. Watching little Jorga and Jackson shovel dirt with their Uncle Brad or help out at a farm event, warms our hearts. We are watching the fourth generation in action!

Our vision is that when people see the farm, they see a sense of community, our family’s long history, and expect many years to come.