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Planting (Spring & Crops) – Inspire Change

ย Just as the sap starts to rise in trees during ย this time of year, so does the excitement in the hearts of gardeners and farmers. With Spring officially in full bloom that means its time to transition into planting new crops for the seasons ahead.

April is finally here and that means your garden soil is finally warming up (goodbye frost)! This month is truly the best time to plant most vegetable seeds after your last cold front; start pulling out those vegetables and melons! Planting in the Spring gives your crops a chance to grow and bloom before the hot summer months arrive. A general rule of thumb to know when considering the best time to start planting is based on the last spring frost date for your area, minus the length of time required for seeds to germinate and be ready for planting.

At Hopcott we grow a multitude of different fruits and vegetables. Some of which include cranberries, sweet corn, raspberries, lettuce, kale, snap peas, spinach, kohlrabi, melon, zucchini, dill herb, dill cucumber, beets & beans.

In a way a seed is sort of a promise. A promise to the earth, to the food or flowers it is producing, and a promise to spring itself. Watching a seed sprout and come to life really puts forth the ideals on transformation and growth. Seeds take time to grow, seeds must change to grow; but once a seed blooms, everyone recognizes its beauty for what it truly is. A transformation happens once a seed takes on a new form. With that being said, why cant planting of crops spark a change within ourselves?

With the act of planting literal seeds, it can also encourage us to find the true meaning behind planting seeds and ways we can inspire change. As we work towards planting our seeds to enhance change and bring about new growth, Hopcott strives to take initiative and embrace the planting of seeds in a physical and literal sense. We care deeply about the roots of our farm and the community that has been built around it. At Hopcott we love to support various charitable causes by providing monetary or in-kind donations, holding on-site food fundraisers, such as Raise a Steers Worth of Weight in Food, and partnering with Alisas Wish as its official charitable collaboration. Here at Hopcott Meats, we truly believe in contributing towards a better world and always look for ways to to help others. The Pay it Forward Campaign is one of those campaigns we hold near and dear to our hearts.

What is the Pay it Forward Campaign?

Pay It Forward (PIF) is a coined, global initiative that is designed to create a ripple effect of generosity, felt across the world. ย Our idea is to spearhead a PIF campaign in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, with the objective of encouraging our local communities to commit to a single act of kindness.
Multiple small acts, by thousands of people, can change our world for the better. With Pay it Forward Day being on Saturday, April 28th, we will align our PIF Ridge-Meadows Campaign to launch on the same day and ask our community to join in, support, and help spread the word!

What sort of ways can you pay it forward and make the world a better place?

Paying for someones cup of coffee
Buying the next persons food in a drive-thru
Covering a tables bill at a restaurant
Paying for someones gas
Hosting activities at schools and involving students
Donating to a charitable cause

The sky’s the limit! We encourage everyone to become PIF ambassadors and to raise awareness in their circles of influence!