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Hopcott Deli

Our customers rely on us to feed their families. Mothers are proud to send their children to school with a sandwich stuffed with Hopcott meats or serve up a platter of assorted sausages at a Sunday BBQ.

Breakfast just isn’t the same without our bacon, and you’ll never snack on another brand once you try our beef jerky.

 After all, all natural meats just taste better!

✔   We use real hickory wood chips in our smokehouse for a more naturally enhanced flavor, not liquid smoke.
 ✔  Made with our local meats with no added hormones.
✔  Choose from many no added gluten options.
✔  We don’t use any nitrates in our products.
✔  Nitrite free options available.
✔  Lower sodium seasoning and flavoring.
✔  Everything is made by hand.

Need some help with entertaining?

Last minute company coming over?

We’ve got you covered with our selection of meat, cheese,

veggie & sandwich platters.


– Beef Jerky –

Original – No Added Gluten
Sweet Chili – No Added Gluten
Peppercorn – No Added Gluten
Smokey BBQ – No Added Gluten

– Bacon –

Double Smoked – No Added Gluten
Maple – No Added Gluten
Garlic – No Added Gluten
No Nitrate – No Added Gluten
European – No Added Gluten
Beef Bacon – No Added Gluten
Gammon – No Added Gluten

– Deli Meats –

Deli Roast Beef – No Added Gluten
Steak Seasoned Beef – No Added Gluten
Montreal Smoked Beef – No Added Gluten
Old Fashioned Ham – No Added Gluten
Honey Ham – No Added Gluten
Turkey Breast – No Added Gluten 
Beer Sausage 
Beef Bologna – No Added Gluten 
Back Bacon – No Added Gluten 
Belfast Bacon – No Added Gluten

– Steak Bites 

Sweet Chili – No Added Gluten 
Buffalo – No Added Gluten 

– Smoked Meats –

Farmer Sausage – No Added Gluten
Ukrainian Sausage – No Added Gluten
Polish Kielbassa – No Added Gluten
Beef Garlic Coil – No Added Gluten
Turkey Coil – No Added Gluten 
Chorizo – No Added Gluten 
Oktoberfest – No Added Gluten 
Italian Garlic – No Added Gluten 
Beef & Garlic – No Added Gluten 
Beef Hot Dogs – No Added Gluten 
Smokies – No Added Gluten 
European Weiners – No Added Gluten

– Fresh Sausages –

All our fresh sausages are
nitrite & nitrate free
Andoille – No Added Gluten
Beef & Onion – No Added Gluten
Bratwurst – No Added Gluten
Chorizo – No Added Gluten
Hot Italian – No Added Gluten
Mild Italian – No Added Gluten
Maple Pork – No Added Gluten
Pork – No Added Gluten
Pure Beef – No Added Gluten
Turkey – No Added Gluten
Turkey Cranberry – No Added Gluten

 – Pepperoni –

Mild – No Added Gluten
Dry Aged – No Added Gluten
Smokey BBQ
Honey Garlic – No Added Gluten
Hot – No Added Gluten
Turkey Cranberry
Hot Honey Garlic – No Added Gluten
Please note, we are not a gluten free facility, so we can not guarantee that our products marked “No Added Gluten” have not come in contact with gluten at some point.  Some of our “No Added Gluten” products may contain corn or soy.  If you have severe allergies, please ask our staff for our ingredients book.