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We try our best to source out local products for our grocery selection.
This gives us a chance to help support other local farms and
give small family businesses at outlet for their delicious products.

Come see what we have to offer!


– Dairy and Beverages –

Ice Cream & Cheese Curds from Birchwood Dairy – Abbotsford, BC
Ice Cream from Better With – Abbotsford, BC
Dairy Products from Avalon – Burnaby, BC
Goat Cheeses from Salt spring Island – Salt Spring, BC
Goat Cheeses from OK Falls – Kelowna, BC
Cheeses from Natural Pastures – Courtney, BC
Cheeses from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks – Parksville, BC
Salad Dressings from Okanagan Wineland – Naramata, BC
Salad Dressings from Rendevous Restaurant – Abbotsford, BC
Eggs fom Maple Hill Farms – Abbotsford, BC
Kambucha from Healthy Hooch – Abbotsford, BC
Kambucha from Hoochy Booch – Vancouver, BC
Flavoured Water Kefirs from Kindred Cultures – Richmond, BC
Sodas from Farming Karma – Kelowna, BC
Non-Alcoholic Beers from Phillips Brewing – Victoria, BC
Callister Craft Sodas – Vancouver, BC
Sodas from Not Too Sweet – Vancouver, BC
Cold Pressed Cranberry Juice & Cider from The Bog – Fort Langley, BC
Ginger Boosters from GingerDog – Burnaby, BC

– Other Deliciousness –

Dried Soups from Simply Delish – Langley, BC
Honey from Dr. Bee – Pitt Meadows, BC
Honey, Honey Combs, & More from BC Buzz – Langley, BC
Sourdough Pastas from Kaslo Sourdough Pasta – Kaslo, BC
Crackers from Gone Crackers – Surrey, BC
Raincoast Crisps from Lesley Stow – Richmond, BC 
Perogies from Helmis – Abbotsford, BC
Perogies from Grandma’s Perogies – Abbotsford, BC
Frozen Soups & Meals from Big Feast Bistro – Maple Ridge, BC
Asian Style Broths from the Workshop – Vancouver, BC
Stone Ground Tea Latte Mixes from Domo – Port Coqtuilam, BC
Granola from Granola Girl – Burnaby, BC


– Dips and Spreads –

 Mint Jelly from OK Falls – Kelowna, BC
Selection of locally made jams with BC Fruit
Pepper Jellies from Saunders Farms – Windermere, BC

Rad Jamz & Relish – Kelowna, BC

Cranberry Sauce & Pepper Jelly from The Bog – Fort Langley, BC
 Savoury Jams & Spreads from Saltspring Kitchen – Saltspring Island, BC
Fruit Jams & Syrups from Summerland Sweets – Summerland, BC

– Snacks-

Taco chips from Fresh Is Best – Kamloops, BC
Potato Chips from Hardbite – Maple Ridge, BC
Freeze Dried Cranberries from The Bog – Fort Langley, BC
Pork Crisps & Cracklings from Primal Sisters – Errington, BC

 – Sauces and Rubs –

Verde & Diablo Hot Sauces from Los Tacos Food – Vancouver, BC
BBQ Sauces & Rub from House of Q – Surrey, BC
 Seasonings from Grandpa J’s – Vancouver, BC
Smoked Garlic, Onion, & Seasonings from Triple Smoke – Shawnigan Lake, BC Garlic Scape Salt from Farmers Dotter Organics – Cawston, BC
Dried Marinades & Dips from Spices Works – White Rock, BC
Jerk Sauce from Aunti Bev – Vancouver, BC
Asian Sauces from Naam – Fraser Valley
Hoisin & Fish Sauces from Little Saigon – Vancouver, BC
Flavourerd Soy Sauces from Infusion – Port Coquitlam, BC
Shiitake Chili Oils from Vumami Foods – Surrey, BC
Garlic & Chili Oils from Haute – Richmond, BC
Flavoured Salts from Vancouver Island Salt Co – Cobble Hill, BC
Horseradishes from Hee-Haw – Vancouver Island
Hot Sauces from Toons – Coquitlam, BC

– Baked Goods and Sweets –

Breads from Portofino – Vancouver Island, BC
Pies from Mom & Me Pies – Maple Ridge, BC
Fudge made by Debbie Hopcott
Cotton Candy from Fluffy Bunny – Abbotsford, BC
Baking Mixes from Jars by Jodi – Pitt Meadows, BC
Pancake/ Waffle & Baking Mixes from Susgrainable – Vancouver, BC 


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